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With Tender green young Mango leaf bunches,
With garlands of flowers arranged,
Mingling six tastes of life soft and some crunches,
With hearty warm wishes unchanged…

We welcome you dear TASF member
To celebrate this glorious fest
This day will be the one to remember
Since we honor womanhood at its best!

Ugadi Event is our celebration
But wait there is more!
Mother’s day will add to exhilaration
Music and dances by the score!

Celebrites will grace our stage
Madhu and Deepu to be exact!
May 11th night will be the Rage
Just follow our address in fact!

Commencing at 2 O’ clock sharp,
We will present talents galore!
Evening 6 we disperse from tarp,
Wishing for your applauding roar!

Come one and come every one and other!
Time to savor this delight
Lets celebrate this year and our mother,
On this auspicious (mother’s day) and bright night

Contact our committee for the Tickets and spread the word. Let's make this celebration as ralaxation after hectic FACT preparation for kids and parents. Keep visit http://www.tasf.net web site for more details or contact our commitee members.

Download Ugadi 2014 participation entry form here

TASF Committee

Here are our programs from the Temple Banquet.

    Telugu Bhasha Teeyadanam 
    Koluvaithiva Rangasai 
    Mukunda Mukunda 
    Yem Cheddam 

News coverage on TASF Sankranti 2013 event in EENADU.NET news 7th Feb 2013
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