About TASF

Telugu Association of South Florida (TASF) was formed in 1997. Over the years it has grown and has become an integral part of Telugu Community in South Florida.

We are a non-profit organization that celebrates Telugu culture in south Florida. Our Mission is to be socially active in the south Florida community and promote cultural, literary, educational, and sporting events.

TASF organizes three annual events Ugaadi, Deepawali and Sankranthi to encourage local talents as well as to promote cultural heritage of the Telugu-speaking people and serving the community.

Over the years, TASF has raised funds for natural disasters. TASF works alongside other Indian organizations to organize Independence Day and other charity Events.

TASF sends email newsletters to it's members regularly. To be a member, please send email to info@tasf.net


Welcome and thank you for visiting the official website of Telugu Association of South Florida (TASF).

Raju Katari

TASF President