Roles & Responsibilities


Plans everyday activities of Organization in association with Board of Directors.


Assists President in planning everyday activities of Organization.

General Secretary

Coordinates activities of following sub-committees as planned by Executive Committee.


Works in association with General Secretary as listed below:

Cultural Committee

Plans and executes Organization Events that promote Telugu Culture.

Event Management Committee

Plans and provides resources needed for Organization Events.

Artist Management Committee

Coordinates artists outside community during Organization Events.

Sports Committee

Plans and executes sports activities during Organization Events.

Food Committee

Plans and provides food and materials during the Organization Events.

Technical Committee

Provides technical support during Organization Events.

Advertisement Committee

Plans and promotes Organization Events.

Youth Coordination Committee

Plans and coordinates youth related activities.

Regional Coordination Committee

Promotes intercultural communication.

Treasurer & Team

Manages revenue and expenditures of Organization.

Public Relations Team

Serves as bridge between committee and community and addresses any conflicts.

Sponsorship Advisor and Team

Serves as advisory to generate revenue for Organization Events.

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Reshma Thummadi

TASF President